Sparked: A Live Branding Workshop in Austin, Texas For Wedding Industry Professionals

You got into business because you had a passion that you loved doing not because you wanted to run a business.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • I am booking clients but I want to book more of my ideal client.
  • I want to feel inspired by my brand instead of embarrassed.
  • I need someone to help me figure out what's the next best move for my business growth.
  • I want to find more leads through Instagram
  • I feel stuck in a rut in my business and need to get re-inspired.
  • I wish I could connect with more professionals inside my industry



How you'll feel after you attend the workshop

  • Instagram is my number one source of leads.
  • I have a network of industry professionals who support me and my business.
  • I have a brand strategy to put into place.
  • I look as confident and professional as I feel.
  • I know exactly who my target audience is and how to reach them.
  • My business is bringing in more revenue than ever before and I feel more secure.


What to expect?

During the Sparked Workshop, you'll work one-on-one with a designer, strategist, and photographer, to help you understand the business side of things. You'll get the opportunity to sit down with a brand strategist and have them create a custom strategy to achieve your goals. You'll also receive headshots from our professional photographer, along with a lot of other valuable takeaways.

You'll also get the opportunity to network with like-minded business owners and have an active role in building your brand while saving money on hiring a graphic designer, photographer, stock imagery, and marketing courses.


Who This is Ideal For

  • Experienced wedding industry professionals
    • Event Planners, Venue Owners, Hairstylist, Makeup Artists, Florists, Wedding Coordinator, Bridal Consultant, etc.
  • Wedding Industry Professionals that want to be involved in the process of strengthening their brand.
  • Wedding Industry Professionals that want to network with other business owners in an upbeat, collaborative environment

Who This is NOT Ideal For

  • New business owners that who haven't had any clients yet
  • Business owners that do not want insight from their peers or professionals
  • Anyone who doesn't enjoy upbeat or collaborative experiences or environments

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Topics That Will Be Covered



'Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day.Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime.' Chinese Proverb


Brand Vision

  • Define your mission statement
  • Define your vision statement
  • Understand your business values
  • Clarify your goals for your business

Ideal Client

  • Find who is your specific target market
  • Create an Ideal Client Profile (ICP)
  • Understand how to market effectively with your ICP

Instagram Marketing

  • How to grow your business using social media
  • Learn about Instagram marketing techniques
  • How to maintain a consistent brand presence on social media

Flatlay Design

  • How to take high-quality, professional-looking photos using your phone
  • Advanced phone settings for better images
  • Learn the art of creating and photographing flatlays

Past Sparked Workshop Participants Testimonials and Experiences

All Headshots featured on this page were taken by Cassie during the Sparked Workshop as part of the registration takeaways!


Opened my mind.

"The Sparked Workshop got me thinking critically about who I wanted to work with and how to reach them! It opened my mind to consider that my ideal client may not be the obvious choice. Amanda and Cass were so great!"

-- Lucy Sorens, Owner of Lucille Photo


Helpful ways to further my business.

"I loved attending the Sparked Workshop! I met so many awesome creative entrepreneurs and learned helpful ways to further my business. Looking forward to the next one!"

-- Regina Collier, Owner of Queen Friday Photography


Great Environment to network.

"The Sparked Workshop was a wonderful opportunity to not only learn more about how to better my business, but was mainly a great environment to network with new creatives and hear their perspectives. It was a creative atmosphere where everyone was free to share their ideas!"

-- Madeleane Deaton, Owner of Pais + Haze Creative Co.



The following are the awesome contents you'll take away at the conclusion of the workshop.

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Networking + A Lunch Experience

This workshop is designed to give you valuable time to network and get to know your peers. We will be providing a catered lunch experience, where we will be sitting down together to enjoy delicious food and drinks while getting to know one another. Our support and netowrking is continued after the workshop through an exclusive Facebook Community only for past Sparked participants.

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Brand Strategy Session

During the workshop you'll get designated time to sit with Amanda, our Brand Strategist and Stylist, to go over your brand identity. Together we will work to create an Ideal Client Profile and discuss how to position yourself within your niche market. During this time you'll get the opportunity to ask any questions and get advice from a brand expert.

Sparked Icons-10.png

ideal clientele profile

Your Ideal Client Profile is a clear description of who your target audience is (people who will actually invest in what you have to offer). During the workshop, you’ll learn more about what that looks like in your business during group training with Amanda. You’ll then work together in a collaborative environment to create your brand’s Ideal Client Profile in order to achieve more focused and streamlined marketing in the future.

Sparked Icons-11.png

professional headshots

While attending the workshop, you’ll have an opportunity to have professional headshots that are in line with your brand completed by Cassie. Headshots, when done professionally (no selfies allowed), can make your business come across as more professional. You’ll be provided with three high-quality images that can be used in all your marketing efforts.

Sparked Icons-12.png

stylized flatlays

The ability to take professional quality photos from your phone is possible and Cassie will show you how! Cassie will take you through the art of taking high-quality images from your phone and present a training on Instagram Marketing and how to grow your business using social media. You’ll then get the opportunity to create your own high-quality flat lays and stylized images that can be used for your online marketing, website, and social media outlets.

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Private facebook group

After the workshop, you'll have the opportunity to join our exclusive Facebook group only open to past Sparked Workshop participants. In there, you'll receive continued support and the ability to have continued conversations.

Your Hosts


Amanda Shuman

Brand Strategist + Stylist
Carrylove Designs

Amanda has been helping small business owners craft their brands for over three years. She has had the pleasure of helping over 24 small businesses owners in 2016 alone. Previously, she's held corporate positions working for Shell Oil Company on their Creative Marketing Team as well as Marketing Manager for a well-known real estate company. When she's not crafting brands, you can more than likely find her outside somewhere spending time with her husband, daughter, and their 2 dogs.


Cassie Edens

Professional Photographer
Effjay Photography

Cassie has been photographing people professionally since 2010 and weddings since 2014. She has a special place in her heart for one-on-one portraits and the confidence boosting power of a good headshot. When she’s not photographing or editing, you may find her crafting, hiking, or spending quality time with her husband and their 2 fur-childen.


The Sparked Workshop Support Team



Allie Yackel

Allie has been a database and financial consultant since 2010. She also has a flair for the creative and has been running a pet and wedding photography business since early 2015. She believes in using her photos to tell individual love stories and getting to know people over a hot cuppa joe. When she's not spending time on the computer, she either working on her water garden or spending time with best-friend-turned husband and their three crazy pups.


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Event Location: The Bloom Bar | 123 S L B J Dr | San Marcos, TX 78666

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